Feeling isolated

Concerns may include: not having as many friends as you would like, trouble making connections on campus, don't have a "group" that you relate with, spend a lot of time alone.


Primary Resource

Office of Student Involvement

Office of Student Involvement

Student Involvement at the University of Louisville provides activities and services for the campus community. Through various boards, committees, and staff, we provides cultural, social, and recreational programs, aiming to make the out-of-class experience a part of the total educational process while advancing the institutional mission. These programs promote a sense of community and loyalty to the University while serving as a place for social, intellectual, and developmental growth for students as individuals or as part of a group.

For inquiries, please go to Louisville.edu/engage.


Office of Student Involvement

2100 South Floyd Street Suite W310
Louisville, KY 40292

On Campus
(502) 852-6691

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