Lactation Rooms

Strickler Hall

Lactation Rooms have been placed around campus in order to provide a private space for nursing mothers. There are currently 7 rooms with more coming soon.

Some rooms can be reserved via 25live ([2]) including:
- BAB110 (Belknap Academic Building)
- SAC W108 (Student Activity Center)
- SC210 (Service Complex)
- SK248A (Strickler Hall)

Some rooms will need to be reserved through the listed staff member:
- SRB138 (Shumaker Research Building) -- Contact Karen Blake, 852-6180
- BS387 (Business School) -- Contact Shannon Jenkins, 852-0787
- ST107 (Stevenson Hall) -- Contact Colleen Martin, 852-0285

The listed contact information is for the Women's Center as they head the Lactation Committee


Lactation Rooms

2010 S Avery Court Walk
Louisville, KY 40208

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