Can't go home for breaks

Concerns may include: not knowing where to go during academic breaks, wondering what other opportunities are available to students who don't go home during breaks, concerned about going home for break, can't afford to go home during breaks, distance is too far to go home for breaks, wondering about short-term housing options.

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Dean of Students Office

  • Basic Needs

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Our office provides a variety of services in support of students, including:
• Assistance with a student concern, advocacy, or student grievance,
• Filing of a student complaint,
• Requesting an absence notification,
• Assistance with withdrawal or compassionate withdrawal,
• Assistance with a conduct situation (Code of Student Conduct),
• Requesting a student conduct record check,
• Requesting student emergency funds,
• Assistance with a Title IX situation (Student Sexual Misconduct Policy), and
• Requesting suicide prevention training (QPR training or AFSP "It's Real" training), or other information related to Cards SPEAK

If you need assistance but do not know where to go for help, contact the Dean of Students office.


Dean of Students Office

2100 South Floyd Street, Suite W301
Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 852-5787
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